Years ago, Thomas received from his Grand-Pa the Hasselblad that he had kept through out his photographer career, stretching back to the early 50’s. Was it this Hasselblad, more than his diploma in social media, that convinced Thomas he had to live from, or rather through, photo-documentary and portray? Or was it the inspiring exchanges amongst the award-winning Belgian collective “Out-of-Focus” he had put together with his former schoolmates? Most probably Thomas doesn’t know himself, and he keep seeking the answer in those side-topics he covers with a disturbing curiosity. Those real life stories he gathered from Carpathian suburbs or Haitian sacred graves, to the post-industrial Belgian wastes or the ever-spinning Brooklyn nights, all shared a point in common. Those are the stories of men and women. Those are stories that can be sketched with words but that only well-pictured face expressions may tell with precision.

Last News :  >  The project "The Faithful" will be exhibited in Lanskrona Foto next October 2018
                       >  The project "The Faithful" will be screened in Voix Off, Arles 2018                                                                                                                                              
                    >  With the French photographer Arnaud Montagard, they will exhibit outdoor 
                        the portfolio " America vs the rest of the world "on the fences of the
                        the Lot Radio from June 2 to June 10 at 17 Nassau avenue, Brooklyn, USA
                    > Thanks to his last project "The Faithful", Thomas Freteur has been one of the
                         Jurors' Picks of the LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2017 


thomas freteur

photography, photo documentary, portrait, reportage, travel, explore, photojournalism, landscape, Haiti, human being, society, story, religion, culture, photo
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